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Michelle Crum

5 Ways to Market a Stale Listing

1. Boost Your Online Presence:  The first step to selling a home is attracting interested buyers, and that requires getting as much online exposure as possible. More than 90 percent of all buyers are starting their home search online, so you need to get on their radar from the beginning by updating listings and open house times weekly on popular real estate search sites like Trulia, Craigslist, Zillow, and more. Remember, prospective buyers are also searching and using their mobile apps with filters for listings with open houses happening this weekend and filters for listings with price reductions.

2. Update Your Photos:  Considering that potential buyers probably Instagrammed their dinners last night, saying that photos are important is an understatement. If the listing was photographed in the winter and spring is now in full bloom, take a new batch. If that’s not possible, switch up the order so that they seem new to buyers. Also, get creative: Instead of leading with an exterior shot of the house like everyone else, draw in buyers with an intriguing feature of the home, like a huge and newly-renovated master bathroom or an incredible outdoor space to appeal to their dreams of a summer spent lounging poolside.

3. Write Attention-Getting Marketing Copy: Once you draw in buyers with fresh, captivating photos, it’s time to win them over with words. Wake up buyers whose eyes are glazing over from bland descriptions and pique their interest with peppy headlines and descriptions. Make your listing stand out with detailed descriptions, and don’t forget to highlight the home’s noteworthy features. Also, make sure you update the listing frequently to freshen up copy and get more attention.

4. Let Buyers In:  Garnering attention from buyers through online marketing is only half the battle. Now that they’re interested, you have to actually let them come in and see the house. Sounds obvious, right? Apparently not, considering some agents count inaccessibility as the top reason why homes don’t sell.

5. Make It Financially Irresistible: If buyers are financially on the fence— whether it’s an issue of making the down payment or being on the edge of loan limits— it’s time to sweeten the deal. Consider offering financial incentives like paying for closing costs, inspections, or repairs, or providing allowances or credits for home upgrades after closing. You could also offer to pre-pay taxes, homeowners dues, and insurance. These kind of financial incentives can be the factors that sway wavering buyers.


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